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Surgical oncologist Dr. Mark Basik fundraises to fight cancer with the JGH Foundation

July 7, 2022

Dr. Mark Basik likes to be challenged. For 20 years, the clinician-scientist at the JGH has been an enthusiastic participant in Le Week-end pour combattre le cancer.

“It has a true impact, allowing us to make research findings that can affect patient care,” Dr. Basik said.

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Philanthropist David Amiel on leading by example, promoting diversity, and volunteer leadership

June 6, 2022

Meet David Amiel, who was appointed Vice-Chair of the JGH Foundation in 2021 and Chair in September 2022. He discusses his motivation and vision as a philanthropist.

“What I’ve learned most over the course of my career is that being around individuals and organizations that give back is contagious,” he said. “I would argue it is one of the most fulfilling aspects of my life.”

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“It’s been a wonderful ride.” – Harvey Levenson

May 1, 2022

In September 2022, Harvey Levenson completed his three-year tenure as Chair of the Board of the JGH Foundation. Nonetheless, Levenson’s work at the JGH Foundation is not over, as it has made an indelible impression on him.

“It's been a wonderful ride,” he said. “It really has. The people I've met and the friends I've made have been fantastic.”

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How digital technology is enhancing patient care at the Jewish General Hospital

April 11, 2022

Three experts shine a light on how the quality of patient care is getting even better through the use of groundbreaking digital technology at the JGH.

“We want to conduct this transformation in such a way that the system becomes considerably more value-based, cost-effective and sustainable,” said Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, President and CEO of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, the JGH’s healthcare network.

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“The ability to take risks in research is critical to advancing knowledge”

March 14, 2022

Meet Dr. Stephen Robbins, the newly appointed Director of Research at the JGH’s Lady Davis Institute (LDI). He has a bold vision for the future of research at the LDI.

“The Foundation has allowed us to be much more advanced and high-risk, high-reward in the types of programs that we do,” Dr. Robbins said.

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Rona Davis, long-time community volunteer, is passionate about the JGH Foundation

February 14, 2022

Rona Davis has put countless hours into her work as a board member, co-chair and volunteer with the JGH Foundation. For Rona, the time she dedicates to the community is well spent.

“I get great pleasure from being a volunteer,” Davis said humbly. “You derive far more from it than you give.”

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JGH Foundation donors help fund the critical cancer research of Dr. Nathalie Johnson

January 18, 2022

“I was always fascinated with the science and the biology of lymphoma,” said Dr. Nathalie Johnson, a clinician-scientist at the Lady Davis Institute of the JGH. “There’s a possibility of a cure, which is very rewarding I tell my patients, ‘You have cancer, but you can get through this.’”

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Leading nurses in a pandemic: A Q&A with Lucie Tremblay

December 8, 2021

“You know, being a nurse is the most beautiful profession in the world,” said Lucie Tremblay, Director of Nursing for CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, the JGH’s healthcare network. “We are there the day the person takes their first breath, and we are there throughout their lives until they have their last one.”

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From Generation to Generation – Making the World a Better Place

November 13, 2021

Our donors help power the innovation happening at the JGH. This includes philanthropists like Robert Carsley, who made a generous donation that helped fund a new PET scanner and gamma cameras at the JGH. He also helped the hospital purchase its latest Da Vinci robots.

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 Dr. Susan Kahn, the JGH’s authority on thromboembolism, devotes herself to patient care and research

October 19, 2021

Dr. Susan Kahn, an internist and clinical epidemiologist based at the JGH, has contributed enormously to the understanding of venous thromboembolism, a serious medical condition that affects more than 50,000 Canadians every year. She is the founder and director of the JGH’s Centre of Excellence in Thrombosis and Anticoagulation Care.

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