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Impact Report: Connected Care



Thanks to you, the JGH is transforming patient care by connecting all data points into one centralized source, making healthcare delivery more personalized, integrated and precise—no matter where the patient is.

You are reimagining the future of healthcare delivery by leveraging the latest technologies and innovations—artificial intelligence, data banks, analytics, imaging, telehealth, digital patient records, robotics, and more—and making them fully accessible throughout the continuum of care.


90% of gynecologic cancer operations at the JGH utilize the state-of-the-art and donor-funded Da Vinci Robotic system—improving patient health-related quality of life and recovery vs. open surgery

1st The JGH is the first hospital in Montreal to implement the ChartMaxx system for fully digitized patient records

“In the robotic surgery that we do, we just go through muscle which means we don’t have to break any ribs. This means recovery takes weeks instead of months. Patients spend less time in ICU, less time on a breathing machine, less chance of needing blood transfusions and overall, the recovery is faster after the surgery.”

— Dr. Emmanuel Moss, Chief, Division of Cardiac Surgery at the JGH

The “C4” Command Centre

Made possible through the generosity of our donors, the first of its kind in Canada, and most likely all of North America, the new Command Centre, known as C4, focuses on “better Care through Communication, Collaboration and Creation”.

Using sophisticated dashboarding and advanced technologies to centralize and streamline patient information and data, C4 will enhance outcomes and quality of life, as well as optimize resources across the healthcare system.

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Making use of artificial intelligence and advanced predictive modeling unlocks the potential to deliver exceptional care without exception.

Thanks to donors like you, this was borne out during the pandemic, when the JGH led the way in COVID-19 data analytics to anticipate trends and plan effectively as patient volume increased and shifted.

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Connected Health Innovation Hub–OROT

OROT is guiding our way toward new era of care, a future in which technology allows us to provide exceptional care, without exception—wherever the patient is!

In fact, thanks to you, the JGH is leading the way in this concept we call “CARE EVERYWHERE”.

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• INTEGRATED ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORD — Fully digitizing and connecting patient health records across the Hospital and the CIUSSS-West Central provides real-time access and benefit to patients, healthcare providers and caregivers.

• SPINAL ENDOSCOPY – The JGH is first in Quebec to offer a new type of minimally invasive spinal surgery. It’s a technique that requires a small incision in the side of the patient, before a tube, similar to a straw, is inserted. The surgery takes less than an hour, and patients can go home not long after.

• TELEHEALTH – Enable virtual consultations and remote monitoring through the use of remote sensors and/or devices.

• RADIATION ONCOLOGY – Before the pandemic, doctors used to meet in person with their patients to answer questions and record information that helped to determine whether and how often radiation treatments would take place. Preparing the patient for treatment and determining the optimum dose of radiation is a painstaking process. Now, much of this can be accomplished remotely thanks to telehealth.

• PERSONALIZED MEDICINE – Leverage screening programs, molecular diagnosis, targeted treatment of common diseases and appropriate recommendations using genetic and genomic analysis.
• DA VINCI robot – The donor-funded Da Vinci robot enables surgeons to perform delicate and complex operations through a few small incisions with robotic-assisted arms. Thanks to donors like you, the JGH has not one but two of these cutting-edge robots—among only a few centres in all of Canada.

• MICROSOFT HOLOLENS – In an effort to protect health care workers against the risk of exposure to COVID-19 from infected patients, the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) is one of the first health care institutions in North America to experiment in real time with mixed reality headsets to minimize direct contact between staff and patients. By using Microsoft HoloLens, an untethered mixed-reality device with apps and solutions that enhance collaboration, practitioners are better equipped to provide the best-personalized care.

• GE Discovery MI 5-Ring PET/CT – The new machine boasts cutting-edge digital detector technology and an extra-large field-of-view. What this means for our patients is more scans throughout, scans which are twice as fast, lower doses of harmful radiation and better image quality to resolve small lesions more precisely.
• MACHINE LEARNING – Under the umbrella of OROT – The Connected Health Innovation Hub for the CIUSSS West Central Montreal (CIUSSS-CCOMTL) and the Jewish General Hospital, is partnering with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to fund an initiative to develop and assess an explainable machine learning (ML) prototype tool that improves transparency and the applicability of the decisions that it helps make.

“Healthcare systems worldwide are revolutionizing, and telehealth has become top of mind for many doctors, researchers, and allied healthcare professionals. With the current technologies available to us and new ones appearing each day, the time to transform how we deliver healthcare and improve patient care and safety is now.”

— Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, President and CEO of the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal



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