Our Team

Foundation Staff

Those of us who work here are passionate and enthusiastic about our cause. Under the guidance of our President & CEO, Bram Freedman, our dedicated team of professionals work to provide the hospital with the funds needed to continue offering outstanding medical care.

Bram_Freedman_square.jpg Bram Freedman
President and Chief Executive Officer
514-340-8222, x 28668

17-1211_Myer_Bick_6.jpg Myer Bick
President Emeritus
514-340-8222, x 23252

17-1211_Helen_Arvaniti_11.jpg Helen Arvaniti
Processing Officer
514-340-8222, x 25838

17-1211_(C_Baker)_(1).jpg Carolyne Baker
Administrative Assistant, Events
514-340-8222, x 26778

17-1211_Belliardo_02.jpg Tiffany Belliardo
Director, Planned Giving and Philanthropic Development
514-340-8222, x 24057

Coming_soon.jpg Diana Campbell
Processing Officer
514-340-8222, x 22678

17-1211_Danyael_Cantor_2.jpg Danyael Cantor
Director, Development
514-340-8222, x 28844

17-1211_Melinda_Cape_12.jpg Melinda Cape
Executive Assistant to the President
514-340-8222, x 24305

17-1211_Tali_Chemtob_11.jpg Tali Chemtob
Director, Donor Relations
514-340-8222, x 22028

White_square.gif Denis Coderre
514-340-8222, x 23322

17-1211_Josie_D'Aguanno_6.jpg Josie D'Aguanno
Financial Management Officer
514-340-8222, x 25405

camera_shy.jpg Lynne Dagenais
Customer Service Representative

17-1211_Adrianna_Di_Pardo_4.jpg Adrianna Di Pardo
Director, Donor Recognition
514-340-8222, x 22549

17-1211_Betty_Elkaim_05.jpg Betty Elkaim
Vice-President and Chief Development Officer
514-340-8222, x 24055

17-1211_Tiffany_England_02.jpg Tiffany England
Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice-President
514-340-8222, x 25467

17-1211_Marie-Sandy_%C3%89tiennette_12.jpg Marie-Sandy Etiennette
Coordinator, Events
514-340-8222, x 22763

17-1211_Mary_Etzitian_04.jpg Mary Etzitian
Coordinator, Third Party Events
514-340-8222, x 23986

17-1211_Pascal_Fischer_05.jpg Pascal Fischer
Communications Specialist
514-340-8222, x 26753

camera_shy.jpg Marie-Hélène Garant
Administrative Assistant, Campaign
514-340-8222, x 25726

17-1211_Andr%C3%A9_Giroux_2.jpg André Giroux
Managing Director
514-340-8222, x 24051

17-1211_Annette_Goldman_06.jpg Annette Goldman
Director, Events
514-340-8222, x 24602

17-1211_Ella_Ivensky_07.jpg Ella Ivensky
Director, Financial Resources
514-340-8222, x 23452

17-1211_Marie-Eve_Jalbert_4.jpg Marie-Ève Jalbert
Administrative Assistant, Development
514-340-8222, x 22027

17-1211_Anna_Katsafouros_10.jpg Anna Katsafouros
Associate Director, Special Events
514-340-8222, x 23069

17-1211_Claude_Krynsky_1.jpg Claude Krynski
Director, Philanthropic Development
514-340-8222, x 25835

17-1211_Victoria_Lewis_01.jpg Victoria Lewis
Administrative Assistant, Donor Relations
514-340-8222, x 24121

Coming_soon.jpg Karine Limage
Director, Corporate Partnerships
514-340-8222, x 23538

17-1211_Aakash_Patel_1.jpg Aakash Patel
Database Analyst
514-340-8222, x 26077

17-1211_Stephanie_Roza_10.jpg Stephanie Roza
Associate Director, Events
514-340-8222, x 22587

17-1211_Cinzia_Russo_1.jpg Cinzia Russo
Associate Coordinator, Events
514-340-8222, x 26751

17-1211_Rana_Saheb_5.jpg Rana Saheb
Associate Coordinator, Special Projects
514-340-8222, x 25889

17-1211_Victoria_Salvador_01.jpg Victoria Salvador
Director of Marketing and Communications
514-340-8222, x 26752

17-1211_Diane_Samberg_08.jpg Diane Samberg
Processing Officer
514-340-8222, x 24580

17-1211_Larry_Sidel_1.jpg Larry Sidel
Executive Vice-President
514-340-8222, x 21922

Coming_soon.jpg Sophie Simonet
Administrative Assistant, Development
514-340-8222, x 22267

Coming_soon.jpg Steph Steiner
Associate Coordinator, Events
514-340-8222, x 22070

17-1211_Editha_Villarama_7.jpg Editha Villarama
Database Operations Manager
514-340-8222, x 23727