The Future Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases

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More than ever, the current pandemic hammers home the urgent need to invest significantly in cutting-edge research into infectious diseases. But today, that research is underfunded.

We need your help.

Together, we can establish Quebec as a leader in this global fight.

“Infectious diseases represent the most significant challenge for medicine in the 21st century.”

— Dr. Karl Weiss, Division Chief, Infectious Diseases, Jewish General Hospital

New diagnostic tools. New treatments. New prevention strategies.

With a team of cutting-edge researchers helmed by renowned infectious diseases expert, Dr. Karl Weiss, the Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital will focus on:

  • Advancing knowledge of antibiotics and vaccines
  • Preventing infections
  • Developing rapid diagnostics
  • Mapping the molecular structure of infections

$7.5M Campaign objective to establish the Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases

No 1 The Jewish General Hospital manages the highest volume of infectious diseases in Canada


Quite simply, we must be ready for the next wave of infectious diseases. Funds will go directly toward understanding, preventing and treating infections. More lab bench research is essential to improved clinical and epidemiological practices.

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Infections are a threat to us all, without exception or distinction. They are the leading cause of death worldwide. The Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases is a vital investment in the expertise, innovation and the cutting-edge team needed to meet this challenge head on.

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“Thank you for joining me in establishing this important centre of clinical excellence, of research, and of innovation right here in Quebec. Together, we will make ordinary extraordinary.”

— Pierre R. Brosseau, Secretary, Board of Directors, Jewish General Hospital Foundation