Support The JGH's Top Priorities | Jewish General Hospital Foundation

This garden, which can be found in front of the JGH’s main entrance on Côte-Sainte-Catherine, features icons which represent the four fundraising priorities of the Hospital. Much like a gardener tends to these plants, donors help to maintain the JGH with care, attention, and generosity.

In fact, since the beginning, philanthropy has been instrumental to the JGH. In addition to building the hospital 90 years ago, donors have made it possible to improve facilities, create innovative programs and attract world-class talent.

Today, we are powering a spectacular new age in healthcare. By giving, you can be a part of the transformation.

These are the top priorities represented in the garden that today’s JGH donors are supporting:

  1. 1) Championing digital health initiatives
  2. 2) Enabling groundbreaking research and innovation
  3. 3) Improving the patient experience
  4. 4) Building a powerful endowment

When you support the JGH’s priorities, you support these four critical pillars.