Support The JGH’s Top Priorities

Did you know that philanthropy was instrumental to the creation of the JGH? In addition to building the hospital 90 years ago, donors have made it possible to improve facilities, create innovative programs and attract world-class talent.

Today, we are powering a spectacular new age in healthcare. By giving, you can be a part of the transformation.

These are the top priorities that today’s JGH donors are supporting:

  1. 1) Championing digital health initiatives
  2. 2) Enabling groundbreaking research and innovation
  3. 3) Improving the patient experience
  4. 4) Building a powerful endowment

When you support the JGH’s priorities, you support these four critical pillars.


Already a digital health leader in Quebec and a model for other hospitals, and as Montreal’s first hospital designated to care for adult coronavirus patients, the JGH maximizes technology to increase access and improve outcomes.

To support the JGH’s vision of being a global pioneer in providing excellent care, everywhere, the Hospital has launched key initiatives, including:

  • Establishing the first Digital Health Officer and department in Quebec
  • Developing the Connected Health Record initiative
  • Creating a state-of-the-art Command Centre to monitor and manage patient flow throughout the hospital and our health network.
  • Launching the Hospital@Home initiative

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Advanced technologies are driving earlier and more precise diagnoses, personalized treatments, and new hope for many diseases. The JGH’s Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research (LDI) has been at the forefront of these discoveries for decades.

The LDI is unique as an integral part of the JGH with strong academic links to McGill University, with all investigators having university appointments. It includes 200 researchers, 100 staff members, and 175 students and fellows. The Institute will play a key role in realizing the JGH’s broader vision of providing exceptional care everywhere, as well as contributing vital discoveries for the evolution of prevention and treatment.

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A leading hospital like the JGH must look and act the part. Donors (in partnership with the government) can refurbish the JGH’s legacy buildings with a focus on bringing patient rooms up to the exceptional standards set by medical professionals. Given the complexity of refurbishing space while maintaining a fully functioning hospital, this project will span the next seven years.

With the help of donors, we aim to:

  • Completely transform all patient floors in our legacy buildings, with the goal of having mainly single-patient rooms, designed for maximum efficiency, privacy, ventilation, and infection control
  • Renovate the Radiology Department and the nuclear medicine unit
  • Build a new pharmacy
  • Replace all major radiology instruments (CT, Angio, DR) with state-of-the-art equipment

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The JGH needs support and funds to respond to new ideas and challenges, to capitalize on our innovative culture, and to continue to lead on behalf of all Quebecers and Canadians. The JGH will raise funds and build its endowment to propel promising ideas and address the emerging priorities of the Hospital.

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