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Donors fund equipment that lowers recalls at the JGH’s CRID

“Because of this equipment, we as radiologists are able to see different types of cancers that we would just not have been able to see had it not been for the equipment.” — Dr. Federico Discepola, Interim Chief, Breast Imaging component of the CRID.

On September 20, 2022 a reception was held at the JGH for the generous donors who supported the acquisition of the Tomosynthesis/Barco equipment at the Marlene & Joel King Breast Referral and Investigation Centre (CRID). This fundraising project was initiated in honour of Dr. André Lisbona, former JGH Chief of Radiology and Director and Founder of the CRID.

Speakers at the event acknowledged what a game-changer the equipment has been for the CRID.

“The technology has led to fewer recalls during breast imaging, therefore decreasing the level of anxiety women felt related to those recalls, and improving their experience of the Breast Centre,” said Dr. Federico Discepola.

Raising funds for the new crid equipment

“Fundraising is not so simple,” Larry Sidel, former JGH Foundation Executive Vice-President who led the fundraising project for the CRID. “But it wasn’t hard to get anybody to come in when it involved Dr. Lisbona. The esteem in which he is held and the love that the community has for him is really remarkable.”

The JGH Foundation’s fundraising team for the CRID ultimately raised over $1 million for the project.

Building one of the best breast centres in Quebec

At the reception, Dr. Lisbona spoke to how grateful he is for the recognition. He also acknowledged the elevated status of the CRID in Quebec.

“The Breast Centre at the JGH is today considered one of the best in Quebec,” he said. “This has not always been the case. We had very humble beginnings. Our equipment was barely adequate. With the help of Marlene and Joel King, Simone and Robert Blatt, the Molson Foundation, and several other supporters and donors, we were able to acquire adequate equipment, and this helped the Breast Centre gain the reputation it has today.”

Our generous donors made it possible!

Last Updated October 2022