CONNECTING CARE TO TEENS DURING COVID-19 | Jewish General Hospital Foundation


“Staff at the Teenage Health Unit were always welcoming and in a good mood. They helped show me that there was a reason for my mental illness and that I could fight the monsters in my head.”

High praise for Dr. Perry Adler, Director of The Teenage Health Unit at the JGH, and his team is not uncommon.

“Our clinical professionals teach teenage patients the skills to better manage their emotions and to use more adaptive coping techniques to navigate the travails of life,” said Dr. Adler.

For 35 years, the donor-funded centre has given comprehensive primary care to patients between the ages of 13 and 19.

“I was heading down a slippery slope of self-harm, toxic relationships and substance abuse,” a young patient, who wished to remain anonymous, shared. “My weekly meetings helped me not lose sight of the end goal, to have a happy and healthy lifestyle with people who support me and who I can support, too. They never let me get away with not taking this seriously enough and they wouldn’t let me give up on myself.”

According to Dr. Adler, the Foundation’s consistent efforts have undoubtedly enhanced the Teenage Health Unit’s ability.

Now, thanks to donor funds, the Teenage Health Unit at the Goldman Herzl Family Practice Centre is offering free virtual group therapy sessions via Zoom to teenagers who would benefit from psychosocial help during the pandemic.

Connecting youth to care like never before. You have that power.

To sign up for the sessions or to learn more – click here.