Tribute Funds

A unique way to honour or remember your loved one

Setting up a tribute fund is a meaningful and valuable way to celebrate a milestone in your or a loved one's life or to keep the memory of a loved one alive by inviting contributions in their name to ensure that the JGH continues to offer the very best in patient care to all.

Anyone can establish a fund in honour or appreciation of someone for care received, or in memory of a family member or a friend. When establishing a fund, you may designate the proceeds to a specific department, to purchase a piece of equipment, or for the hospital's greatest needs or priorities.

There are two kinds of tribute funds:

Honour Funds
"Who is honoured? He who honours others"

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, Bar-Mitzvah or thanking a healthcare provider for the wonderful care received, Honour Funds are a poignant way of marking these occasions. Your Honour Fund will grow with each contribution made by you, your friends and family - benefiting countless patients and their families with your generous and thoughtful gift for years to come. By sharing your special occasion with the hospital, you are helping so many. What a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone! A tax receipt will be issued for each donation of $15 or more.

Memorial Funds
"Thy honour, thy name and thy praises shall endure forever"

A Memorial Fund is like a tree that is planted in remembrance of a life lived; and like a tree, the Memorial Fund that you establish at the Jewish General Hospital will grow. Once established, the fund can receive donations on an on-going basis. In fact, many of our donors who have set up these funds choose to make donations to them throughout the year, as these funds stay open for as long as the family chooses. A tax receipt will be issued for each donation of $15 or more.

The easiest way to donate to a Tribute Fund and make it grow is for you, your family and friends to arrange an ongoing monthly gift, whereby a specific amount is automatically deducted each month from a bank account or credit card for as long as desired. In fact, establishing a tribute fund with monthly gifts allows you, together with friends and family, to permanently honour someone special and make a lasting difference in the lives of others. Furthermore, when the fund's balance reaches $2,500, your loved one will be honoured by being recognized in the JGH's Hall of Honour.

Your gift, whether small or large, has the Power to Heal! Consider honouring a loved one in this very special way today!

For more information or to establish a Tribute Fund, please call us at 514-340-8251.