Tomorrows Are Made Here - Press Release


The Campaign Will Fund Transformational Solutions in Digital Health and Cutting-Edge Research for Better Tomorrows in Quebec Hospitals and Beyond.

Montreal, QC, Canada, April 18, 2024 – The Jewish General Hospital (JGH) Foundation is launching its most ambitious fundraising campaign in the hospital’s 90-year history. The Tomorrows Are Made Here philanthropic campaign aims to raise $400 million over seven years to fund four areas critical to the future of healthcare:

The Tomorrows Are Made Here campaign is supported by the knowledge and experience of its Honorary Co-Chairs: Stephanie Azrieli, Paul Desmarais Jr., Brenda Gewurz, Lillian Vineberg-Goodman, Jonathan Wener and Edward Wiltzer. Learn more about the campaign cabinet members.

“This campaign is about building the future of healthcare,” said David Amiel, Chair of the JGH Foundation’s Board of Directors. “Ninety-four years ago, a group of visionary donors came together to fundraise for the building of the Jewish General Hospital, which has evolved into one of the leading hospitals in the world. In the same way, funds raised during the Tomorrows Are Made Here campaign will transform how healthcare is delivered at the JGH, across the province and beyond.”

The JGH consistently ranks among the top hospitals in Quebec, across Canada and internationally. It is recognized as being a model for cutting-edge care by developing innovative and transformational approaches often adopted by other institutions. The JGH’s Command Centre and Hospital@Home program are just two of several trailblazing Digital Health Initiatives that the Tomorrows Are Made Here campaign will support. These new approaches focus on optimizing patient care for the benefit of all – well beyond the walls of the JGH.

“This bold and ambitious fundraising campaign is about uniting people around a common cause,” said Jonathan Wener, Honorary Co-Chair. “The JGH has always been at the forefront of patient care, medical research, and community-building, treating everyone who comes through the doors of the Hospital with compassion and humanity. The Tomorrows Are Made Here campaign builds on that tradition and I’m proud to be an Honorary Co-Chair, a donor and a patient at this prestigious institution.”

The public launch of the Tomorrows Are Made Here campaign builds on visionary gifts which have already been received, totalling more than $180 million. This initial outpouring of remarkable generosity underscores the impact that can be achieved when communities come together. See the list of visionary lead donors to the Tomorrows Are Made Here campaign.

“We are immensely grateful for the generous support of the individuals, families, foundations and organizations who have made pledges and gotten the Tomorrows Are Made Here campaign off to a strong start,” said Bram Freedman, President and CEO of the JGH Foundation. “Everyone who gives becomes part of an effort to transform the way healthcare is delivered, improve patient outcomes, and save lives.”

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