Wally & Aaron Fish

Opening doors to superior patient care

That Wally and Aaron Fish—along with their dear friends Ethel and Morty Fruchter and Manya and the late David Stendel—have made an enormous difference to thousands of JGH patients each year is actually an understatement. Just tour the hospital and you'll realize the dramatic impact of their joint efforts. “It takes the best equipment to attract the best physicians. The JGH is very well run and we are very pleased to support it," says Aaron Fish.

For proof, just look to the PET/CT scanner in the Division of Nuclear Medicine, the 64-slice CT scanner in the Department of Radiology, the digitized electron microscope in the Department of Pathology, the ultrasound machine in the Department of Emergency and the 3D digital echocardiography machine in the Division of Cardiology (the first in Canada). Gifts by the generous trio of donors to the Power to Heal campaign have markedly improved the lives of patients by making the diagnosis of cancer, heart disease and other life-threatening conditions faster and more accurate. This is critical to providing patients with appropriate treatment.

“Aaron Fish is the inveterate foe of the status quo," says Myer Bick, President and CEO of the JGH Foundation. “Once he ascertains that a piece of equipment is vital for superior care, his determination and ability to make good things happen are nothing short of phenomenal. He ranks high among donors who seriously assess needs, challenges and opportunities.

“He strives not only to give and to do good, but through inquiry and persistent attention to detail, he inspires us to reach higher standards of excellence, professionalism, transparency and integrity. We are truly fortunate and grateful to Aaron and Wally for playing such a key role in nurturing the JGH's growth and its capacity to deliver outstanding medical care for all."

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