The Gustav Levinschi Foundation

Levinschi legacy lives on

A native of Romania, Gustav Levinschi came to Montreal in the late 1940s. Like many successful immigrants, he built his eventual fortune through intense, hard work and a supportive community. Having had no children to whom he could pass on his affairs, he chose to create the Gustav Levinschi Foundation, whose mission is to “improve physical and mental health and alleviate poverty, with a special focus on children, adolescents and the elderly." This was Gustav's way of returning the favour to his community.

Ever since Gustav succumbed to Alzheimer's disease in the mid-1980s, his foundation has bee diligently run by his nieces, Anita David and Herta Hacker, with the help of their nephews, Norman and Irving Hacker.

In keeping with Gustav's wish to help society's most vulnerable people, substantial sums have been donated over the years to the JGH Geriatric Memory Clinic, as well as to nursing education and psychiatry. Sharp and observant in life, Gustav is remembered for his spontaneous acts of generosity, such as personally purchasing a much-needed, highly specialized table for the Ophthalmology Department. Thanks to his devoted family of volunteers, Gustav's work continues and his legacy lives on.

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