TD Bank Financial Group

Investment will pay healthcare dividends

Ophthalmologist Dr. Jorge Sahr and Clinical Nurse Specialist Christina Clausen have been awarded fellowships by TD Bank Financial Group to advance their education at McGill University. These are the first such TD Grants in Medical Excellence that are being awarded to members of the JGH healthcare staff—two per year for eight years. The one-year grants are intended to enhance the quality of the clinical care that recipients will provide to patients. Dr. Sahr is pursuing a one year retina fellowship, while Ms. Clausen is working toward a Ph.D and is exploring nurse physician partnerships in the healthcare setting.

“Investing in healthcare facilities and research, and providing professional development opportunities are the keys to retaining and attracting the best medical talent," Alain Thibault, Executive Vice-President, Insurance, of the TD Bank Financial Group, said at a ceremony in the hospital on May 28. “We should ensure that more of tomorrow's leaders in healthcare and groundbreaking research will come from Canada."

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