Joyce and the late Saul Stanley Abracen

A modern knight’s memory still shines

There are certain people in this world whose character is so noble, whose impact on the community is so great and whose legacy is so sound, they leave everyone in their wake richer just for having known them. Saul Abracen was one such person.

Hardworking, savvy and self-made, Saul’s humble beginnings instilled in him the values of love, understanding and compassion, which he applied to every area of his life, to the great benefit of the JGH.

An ardent and longtime supporter of the hospital, Saul shared both his acumen and success. As a patient, impressed with the care he received, he would subtly probe doctors to better glean where funds were most needed. When he gave, it was to the maximum benefit of JGH doctors and staff.

Though on October 21, 2008 we lost a man affectionately known as our “knight in shining armour,” the memory of Saul’s friendship, generosity and unfailing smile will live on for generations to come. Our sincerest condolences go out to Joyce and the entire Abracen family.

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