Salvatore Guerrera & Diane Proulx Guerrera

Looking for a cure with the CURE

Breast cancer research at the Jewish General Hospital has received a major boost with the creation of the Guerrera Family Career Scientist Award for Excellence in Breast Cancer Research. The award is funded by Salvatore Guerrera and Diane Proulx Guerrera through the CURE Foundation, which they founded after Mrs. Proulx Guerrera's successful battle with breast cancer 12 years ago. The CURE Foundation, known for many initiatives including National Denim Day, provides support for research in teaching hospitals across Canada and for groups that undertake breast cancer awareness education.

“The JGH was the first recipient of money from the CURE Foundation," says Mrs. Proulx Guerrera. “Now we are pleased to make another donation to support breast cancer research. We believe in the Jewish General Hospital, we believe in research, and we believe this institution always strives for excellence—all our criteria were met. The JGH is a hospital we feel right about supporting. I hope this contribution will ultimately help more women win the battle against this devastating illness."

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