Mini & David Granofsky

A tribute to the memory of beloved daughter

Mini and David Granofsky's commitment to the Jewish General Hospital is deep-rooted. As a young child, David would pass the hospital with his father, who told him how he had helped build it. David later understood that his father had bought a brick as part of the hospital construction campaign.

This lesson was not wasted on the young David and he has since always wanted to help the JGH. Mini and David made their first major gift in 2000 to Radiation Oncology, purchasing a Linac-Ex linear accelerator, which allows physicians to use more complex and targeted treatment techniques that deliver higher doses of radiation to the tumour site while reducing toxicity to surrounding critical structures. This new technology not only helps to cure significantly more patients, but also reduces side effects.

Sadly, their daughter Louise died in 2004. As a tribute to her memory, Mini & David chose to create the Louise Granofsky Psychosocial Oncology Program. This program combines psychology, psychiatry, social work, nursing, palliative care and pastoral care, integrating and expanding professional services for cancer patients and their families. The Louise Granofsky Psychosocial Oncology Program, developed for the Segal Cancer Centre, is the first program of its kind in Quebec.

Who says money can't buy happiness? David says that giving money to the JGH has given him more pleasure than accumulating it.

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