Marlene & Joel King

A gift that keeps on growing

When the opportunity presented itself to help the JGH create its own Designated Breast Referral and Investigation Centre—a key element in implementing the new Quebec Breast Cancer Screening Program—Marlene and Joel King did not hesitate. Their generous campaign gift led to creation of the Marlene & Joel King Breast Centre, providing highly specialized expertise in diagnosing and investigating abnormalities revealed by mammograms. It has also been offering personalized, compassionate care and support to women and their loved ones since 2001.

“The Centre's tremendous impact on the lives of women at risk of breast cancer continues unabated," says Dr. André Lisbona, Senior Radiologist and former JGH Chief of Radiology. “The demand for its services keeps growing, along with the quality and comprehensiveness of the care and support that it provides. The Marlene and Joel King Breast Centre is truly a wonderful gift to the JGH and its patients."

Marlene and Joel King remain actively involved in the JGH, having recently supported the establishment of a fellowship in thrombosis medicine. (Thrombosis is the formation of a clot in a blood vessel or cavity of the heart, possibly leading to serious complications or death.) The King Family Fellowship in Thrombosis Medicine will provide for the hiring and training of experts to carry out cutting-edge research into thrombosis in young adults, individuals with the lupus anticoagulant/antiphospholipid antibody, and women with pregnancy-related thrombosis. The JGH family is truly grateful to the King family.

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