Manya Stendel

Endowment honours memory of beloved husband

In 2003, Manya and David Stendel—together with their dear friends, Aaron and Wally Fish and Ethel and Morty Fruchter—made a generous donation to the Power to Heal Campaign, enabling the JGH Department of Nuclear Medicine to purchase a PET/CT scanner.

This equipment has made an enormous difference to the countless patients who have needed a cancer diagnosis or an update on the status of a tumour.

On the eve of the hospital's 75th anniversary Mrs. Stendel has decided to honour the occasion by making another very important gift. She has created the Manya and David Stendel Family Endowment for Scientific and Medical Recruitment. The income from the donation will be used to recruit new researchers or clinicians on an annual basis. This future generation of physicians and researchers will have a considerable impact on the practice of medicine at the JGH and beyond for many years to come.

To determine the recipient of the annual endowment award, a committee will be formed and will include the hospital's Executive Director, the Chief of Medicine, the Director of Professional Services, the Director of the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, and the CEO of the JGH Foundation.

The JGH has played an important role in the lives of many members of the Stendel family. Son Mitchell Stendel is a physician in the JGH Department of Emergency Medicine. The late David Stendel was treated at the JGH. With this gift, the family pays tribute to a loving husband, father and grandfather who passed away in 2006.

As a passionate supporter of the JGH, Mrs. Stendel says she sees the hospital itself as a unique and precious gift, benefiting everyone in Montreal and beyond, regardless of their background. The JGH extends its gratitude to Manya Stendel and her family for playing such a key role in nurturing the hospital's future.

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