Lawrence Lewin & Carole Teitelbaum

A visionary's life after death

Since the inception of the JGH's Weekend to End Breast Cancer in 2004, Lawrence Lewin and his wife Carole Teitelbaum have been loyal and devoted participants. In business and in life, Lawrence was known as a visionary – a title he judiciously upheld even after his diagnosis with lung cancer in 2007. Seeing this as an opportunity to learn and contribute to a cure, the couple's generous gift to the Division of Pulmonary Diseases is now helping to develop customized medical protocols for pulmonary cancer patients.

Though Mr. Lewin lost his battle on November 12, 2008, his vision and spirit will live on.

We would also like to recognize and thank Mrs. Teitelbaum's parents, Maidy and Irving, for their generous gift made in honour of their daughter and her husband, of a state-of-the-art microscope for chief pathologist, Dr. Allan Spatz and his team for oncology research for customized drug treatment protocols.

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