Jean Paschini

Fostering a tradition of sharing

Jean Paschini, Chairman of the Board and CEO of ADF Group Inc., believes that prosperous companies should share their success with the communities in which they operate and do business. “It is important to share," says Jean, whose Terrebonne-based company is a North American leader in fabricating complex structural steel for the non-residential construction industry. It is currently providing the metal to build the Freedom Tower and its 440-foot-high spire base and mast at the World Trade Centre site in New York. “At ADF Group, it is part of our culture to donate a portion of our profits every year to worthy causes that contribute to the health and well-being of the entire community." Over the years, ADF Group has made substantial donations to many healthcare institutions in Montreal, Laval and the outlying regions.

In 2010, at the request of a good friend and business associate, Jean was asked to make a donation toward the purchase of the first da Vinci surgical robot at the JGH. This donation was followed by a visit to the JGH and a demonstration of the da Vinci robot. Subsequent visits allowed him to meet various staff members from the Foundation and the hospital, one of whom was Dr. Cherrie Abraham, Chief of the Vascular Lab. “Dr. Abraham's attitude, calmness and humanity left a deep impression on me," recalls Jean. “When the opportunity presented itself, I did not hesitate to help him and his lab acquire a desperately needed ultrasound machine to replace an older, unreliable machine. The nurses in the Vascular Lab were so concerned about the accuracy, or lack thereof, of the old machine that they routinely duplicated tests to verify results." This led to the acquisition of the latest generation of specialized ultrasound technology, which provides for improved precision, sensitivity and accuracy, as well as faster scans and shorter examination times. This enables the Vascular Laboratory to offer improved access to state-of-the-art assessment and management of vascular conditions.

Whenever ADF Group makes a donation, Executive Assistant Kathleen Ryffranck makes it her duty to visit the recipient institution and see the outcome for herself. When she saw the new ultrasound machine, she was profoundly touched by the expressions of gratitude from the Vascular Lab's nurses and staff, who hugged her and thanked her profusely for making this most wonderful thing possible. “When I told Jean about my visit and the testimonies I heard, it just reinforced his belief in the importance of donating," she says. “If all profitable corporations committed themselves to giving back a portion of their profits to support quality health care, there would be far fewer problems with our healthcare system. We could help lower waiting times, ensure that our hospitals are equipped with the latest and best technology, and generally enhance the quality and accessibility of care for all," concludes Jean Paschini.

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