Henriette & Marcel Korner

The perfect plan

The Korner family—David, Dora, Lola and Marcel—Holocaust survivors who were born in Cernovitz, Bucovina, Romania, arrived in Canada in 1964, with the help and intervention of the Ivanier and Herling families. Marcel immediately started to work in the steel industry. After several years, he discovered that Canada is one of the best countries in the world. In 1967, he married Henriette Haimovici, also from Romania, and both have been living happily in Montreal ever since.

Raised in the Jewish tradition, Marcel believes in tzedakah, which is the responsibility to give aid, assistance and money to the poor and needy, or to worthwhile causes. “My biggest pleasure is to help people in any way," says Marcel. “I support a lot of charities and I am there to help people when the occasion arises." Henriette and Marcel have both been patients and supporters of the JGH for a long time and wanted to show in a meaningful way their appreciation to their own doctors, who are not named individually, for fear of accidentally omitting one of them. Their appreciation also extends to the doctors in the ER and to all of the doctors, nurses and staff for the kindness and help that was extended to them in times of need. They also wished to honour the memory of their parents, David and Dora Korner, and Solomon and Clara Haimovici. After consulting with a planned gift professional, they opted to establish a Charitable Reminder Trust as the perfect way to achieve their philanthropic desires, as well as other goals, such as reducing their personal income and estate taxes and being free from daily investment decisions and concerns about market fluctuations. In this type of planned gift, assets are placed in an irrevocable trust and are transferred to be used as directed by the donors only when the trust terminates upon their passing. Henriette and Marcel decided to apply 100% of the proceeds of their Charitable Reminder Trust to the JGH Foundation to support the JGH's greatest priorities and needs.

“The JGH is one of the best hospitals with the finest staff and outstanding care," says Marcel. “Our gift is meant to ensure that its tradition of providing healthcare excellence in a caring and dignified manner will continue for generations to come. Illness can afflict anyone at any time, and when that happens, we want to be able to count on receiving the best medical care in a compassionate, caring and timely manner." “The Korners' planned gift represents a lasting legacy that will actively contribute to the well-being of our community and create value for the generations that follow," adds Alexis Gaiptman, JGH Foundation Director of Planned Giving. “The JGH Foundation is deeply honoured to be entrusted with such a thoughtful and forward-looking gift."

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