Ethel & Morty Fruchter

The gift that keeps on giving—to patients

The donation is completed and the equipment purchased, but the satisfaction lingers on. Several years have passed since three close couples—Ethel and Morty Fruchter, Wally and Aaron Fish, and Manya and the late David Stendel—joined forces to purchase a PET/CT scanner and a state-of-the-art, 64-slice CT machine for the JGH. Their dream was to improve the lives of patients by making the diagnosis of cancer and heart disease faster and more accurate. Today that dream comes true on a daily basis.

For the Fruchters, whose four children were born at the JGH, donating to the hospital over the years has been the most obvious way to do society the most good. For this reason, they recently supported an initiative in the JGH Department of Ophthalmology. They also note that the need for medical facilities and equipment persists, regardless of the state of the economy, and even when budgets are tight. “We've gotten excellent feedback from people who have had to use the PET/CT machine," says Mrs. Fruchter. “We've also gotten wonderful, wonderful feedback from friends who have needed nuclear medicine. They thanked us so much and it made us feel good to know they were able to get the treatment they needed."

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