Dorel Industries

A gift of the heart

For Martin, Jeffrey and Alan Schwartz and Jeff Segel of Dorel Industries inc. – a world class juvenile products and bicycle company with 4500 employees, facilities in nineteen countries, and sales worldwide –, supporting the Jewish General Hospital is something of a family affair. “There is a lot of history and tradition between our families and the JGH," says Jeffrey Schwartz. “We were born here, as well as most of our children and grandchildren." “It's a lifelong relationship," adds Martin Schwartz, who still has vivid memories of waiting in line outside the hospital to get a polio shot in the 50's and who, as recently as a few months ago, underwent surgery at the JGH.

Over the years, the Schwartz and Segel families have gained an appreciation of the importance of the JGH and the many qualities and unique attributes that make it stand out, such as the compassionate way the doctors, nurses, staff and volunteers care for patients and manage to make them feel as if they are part of a big family. “A lot of people in the community feel as we do about the JGH, how it is very progressive and one of the leading hospitals in the province, and want to support it," says Martin Schwartz.

When the opportunity presented itself to help the JGH continue its tradition of excellence, it was only a matter of identifying where support was needed the most. “The people at the JGH and its Foundation are the experts and they told us there was a need in cardiology. We said fine, use the money in the best way." recalls Alan Schwartz. This led to the creation of the Dorel Cardiology Outpatient Centre, which provides comprehensive care to all those suffering from cardiovascular disease. The Centre integrates cardiology care into one single facility allowing patients to benefit from superior prevention, screening, consultation, diagnostic, therapeutic, and follow-up services. “We hope we never have to use the Centre's services, but we're very happy it's there for the people who need it," says Martin Schwartz. “It certainly feels good to give back to a hospital that is dear to our heart and means so much to our community as a whole," concurs Jeff Segel.

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