Cookie & Larry Rossy

Renovations brighten life's final chapter

Thanks to a life-changing donation from Larry and Cookie Rossy and their family, renovations have transformed the newly named Larry and Cookie Rossy and Family Palliative Care Unit, providing patients and their families with true peace of mind.

Bright, new lights with patient-controlled dimmers now shine on both sides of patients' beds. Windows with gentle filters and shades let in the sun as needed. Pictures and mementos hang from bulletin boards. Cozy furniture, sleeper chairs, a bright family room and private laundry facilities help family members feel at home.

Initially, the Rossys knew only that they wanted to help, but they needed guidance to make the best use of their donation. So they turned to their good friend, Dr. April Shamy, a JGH hematologist/oncologist, and they met with Dr. Bernard Lapointe, Chief of the Marjorie and Gerald Bronfman Division of Palliative Care. Before long, the choice was clear. The JGH Foundation and Palliative Care staff extend their sincere gratitude to the Rossy family.

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