Bernard Poulin & Liliana Komorowska

Building a better future for all

Bernard Poulin, a highly successful Montreal engineer and visionary business leader, is committed to building a better future for everyone. Actively involved in the JGH Foundation since 2007, he and his spouse, Liliana Komorowska, were recently honoured for their generous campaign gift supporting renovation of the Emergency Department, the Goldman Herzl Family Practice Centre and the Hospital Innovation Fund.

The couple was keen on helping the JGH, but wanted to be sure their donation would have a lasting impact and result in tangible benefits for as many people as possible. After visiting the hospital and speaking with relatives and friends, they came away impressed with the JGH's unique focus and its proven success in providing continuity of care that is so essential. “We felt that access to a first-rate emergency service, as well as to support services that help people achieve a healthy lifestyle and avoid the need for treatment altogether, was important in addressing immediate and future needs."

“We have had continued success in meeting the growing healthcare needs of Quebecers, made possible through the care and support shown by upstanding individuals such as Bernard Poulin and Liliana Komorowska," says Gary Wechsler, Chairman of the JGH Foundation Board of Directors. “It's hard to quantify the benefits of such a meaningful gift, precisely because the benefits of preventing disease and saving lives are immeasurable."

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