Alice & Joel Raby

A gift to mend broken hearts

The loss of a child is one of the greatest tragedies a parent can face. The opportunity to translate such a loss into a life of giving is one way to help the healing process and pay tribute. Alice and Joel Raby, who lost their daughter Beth to a congenital heart defect, understand this process more than most.

Among the earliest supporters of the JGH Foundation's “Power to Heal" campaign, the Rabys created the Beth Raby Adult Congenital Heart Clinic “as a meaningful way to pay tribute to Beth and to help the hospital," says Alice.

The Rabys' involvement with the JGH is long and storied. Both have served on several hospital committees and given freely of their time and wisdom. Joel has been an active member of the Foundation's Investment and Finance Committee, while both Mr. and Mrs. Raby currently serve as Foundation Trustees.

“We made this donation in order to help the hospital continue to grow," says Joel, “and to help provide expert care for patients who suffer from a congenital heart condition."

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