Weight-ed Down to be Built-Up

In support of Mindstrong benefiting mental health services at the Jewish General Hospital

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Sunday, September 22, 2019 from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Intersection René-Lévesque / St-Urbain


Gabriele Iacampo

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Weight-ed Down to be Built-Up




My name is Gabriele Iacampo.

My purpose is working with individuals to help them become the strongest versions of themselves physically, psychologically, and spiritually through physical conditioning.

I own my own personal training business with 70 weekly active members for private/semi-private training, and 80 weekly active members for my bootcamp class. This created more than 50 fitness transformations over the span of two years.

I personally don't believe that limits exist. Limits you set are choices that begin and end in the mind. The combination of a conditioned mind, body, and soul is a very powerful force towards conquering what you once deemed impossible.

I wasn't always this type of man. My dark past consisted of forms of anxiety and depression, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts.

Anxiety controlled my life for a very long time. Simple daily thought processes felt overwhelming, stressful, and debilitating. My mind would run at a thousand miles per hour every second of the day. This caused multiple panic attacks daily; leaving me lethargic and paranoid at the same time.

Depression soon came into the mix. Sleeping became my way of avoiding my anxious and depressive state of being; sleeping meant that I couldn't think or feel. My depressive state of being soon escalated to depressive thoughts; I witnessed my self-worth slowly diminish, and my negative self-talk become increasingly worse.

Suicidal thoughts soon poisoned my mind and brought me to my lowest point. My nervous breakdown made me realize how deep of a hole I dug myself.

Therapy saved my life. Therapy allowed me to dive into the depths of my existence. Through understanding the internal darkness I faced, came a powerful light and a newfound strength. I learned how to disarm my destructive state of being that I held myself in for years, and used that energy towards my personal development.

I became obsessed with seeking discomfort as a means of testing the strength of my mind. I made it my mission to face my greatest fears in order to bury the darkest parts of me. I went skydiving, bungee jumping, travelled to Africa, ate worms, ran a half marathon, and so much more. I conditioned my mind, body, and soul to handle anything life threw at me. I would add each new conquered fear to my resume as to why I'm bulletproof.

I have not been subject to mental illness for over a year now; I'm anxiety and depression free. I am passionate in showing to those who do suffer with mental illness that you do not need to fall victim to it forever. There are programs and aid available everywhere that can help you rebuild a stronger version of yourself.

You are not a victim. You are a warrior.


I will be running the Montreal Oasis Half Marathon with a 20 lbs weighted vest to symbolize the weight that those suffering with mental illness carry on their shoulders every day.

The run is on September 22, 2019 and will cover a distance of 21.1 kilometres. This will be my toughest feat to date.

I'll be raising money for MINDSTRONG, an initiative of the Jewish General Hospital Foundation, whose aim is to: promote mental health awareness in high schools, facilitate access to young people with mental health problems, contribute to the training of mental health professionals, help families of patients with mental illness, develop new services for autism spectrum disorder, and make a massive investment in the renewal of infrastructure for mental health facilities at the Jewish General Hospital.

I wanted to raise money for mental health and send the money directly to the core of where the money is most needed; to directly provide better services to those who are currently suffering.

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