Supporting Research at the LDI

Investing in a healthy future for all generations

The increasingly important role of private funding

Private support is vitally important to the Lady Davis Institute and its leading-edge research into the causes and potential treatments for the most common illnesses affecting people. Scientific research that will lead to new breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of disease and provide our dedicated staff with the tools and knowledge to deliver the most advanced care to our patients is covered only in part by government funding. Donations supplement the funding that public granting agencies provide.

Today, private support plays an increasing role in helping to maintain the continuity of essential research, as weak economic conditions make it harder to secure research funding from government agencies and other sources. Medical recruitment is a highly competitive endeavour with a significant price tag. The best clinicians and researchers choose to work for an institution of quality and reputation where they will receive financial support to carry out research. They also expect access to the most modern facilities, laboratories, specialized instrumentation and highly qualified support staff. All of which can only be provided through the support of individuals, foundations and corporations who recognize that an investment in research is an investment in the future of health care, promising new treatments, enhanced access and services, and optimal management of chronic diseases – advances that will ultimately benefit all Quebecers now and in the future.

There are so many ways in which you can support the LDI in fulfilling its mission of doing outstanding research so that the JGH can remain at the forefront of scientific discovery, innovation and clinical excellence.


Lady Davis Institute General Fund

Donate NowYou can make a contribution to the LDI General Fund. This gives the LDI the greatest flexibility to support emerging research or areas with the most pressing needs.


Supporting a Research Axis

You can leverage the expertise of leading scientific experts within a specific research axis at the LDI. By designating your contribution towards one of the six research axes at the LDI, you can help provide essential support for specific researchers allowing them to further their research over a specified period of time.


Supporting a Laboratory or Research Group

You can opt to support particular research laboratories at the LDI. Some examples include:

  • Dr. Stéphane Richard's work on basic mechanisms of cancer
  • Dr. Josie Ursini-Siegel's research on breast cancer
  • Dr. Alexander Thiel's novel treatments for stroke
  • Dr. Brett Thombs' behavioural research on chronic diseases
  • Dr. Brent Richards' research into genetic causes of disease
  • Dr. Will Foulkes' studies of cancer genetics
  • Dr. Susan Kahn's research into treatment for blood clots
  • Dr. Laurence Kirmayer's studies into cultural aspects of mental health
  • Dr. John Antoniou's research into bone diseases

To support a particular research laboratory at the LDI or for additional information, please contact the JGH Foundation at 514 340-8251.


Stem Cell Centre

Donate Now You can make a contribution towards the establishment of a LDI/JGH Stem Cell Centre and the hiring of stem cell researchers. Stem cell research is a relatively new area of research that will open up a world of new possibilities to treat many degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, blindness, arthritis, stroke and heart disease, spinal cord injury, as well as many muscle-wasting diseases, such as myopathy and muscular dystrophy.


Research Award Program

This program provides donors with the opportunity to contribute to and support research endowments. An endowment fund is a donation that is invested in perpetuity, with the earned income supporting the specific purpose designated by the donor or group of donors. An endowment ensures continued annual funding and makes long-term planning, financial stability and successful functioning possible.

An endowment can be established to create a research award that helps to:

  • Recruit and retain the best and brightest clinician-scientists to Montreal and Quebec as well as support their innovative research until their work can be underwritten by government agencies;
  • Support up-and-coming clinician-scientists or leading physicians and scientists who have made and continue to make significant contributions in their respective fields of expertise;
  • Provide a reliable source of funds for novel, high-risk research that might not be able to compete successfully for public funds or for areas of research that are otherwise under-funded (translational research for example);
  • Develop and support the research activities of a particular hospital department or division.

Gifts may be made to existing endowment funds or a new, named research award may be created. Opportunities are available in numerous areas of medical inquiry. For additional information, please contact the JGH Foundation at 514 340-8251.


Research Infrastructure and Core Facilities

You can also support efforts to improve the tools and resources available to all researchers at the LDI. For example, the Research Core Facilities are part of the Lady Davis Institute and include: Clinical Proteomics, Flow Cytometry, High Performance Computing, Peptide Synthesis, Research Pathology, Cell Imaging, Cell Processing Center and a Small Animal Research Core. These facilities provide competent technological support and services to the research community and provide access to high-end, cutting-edge techniques and consultative services that would be extremely difficult for individual investigators to either establish or maintain. In each case, the Facilities aim to ensure high quality, cost-effective services that will expedite and enable exceptional research.

Other initiatives that can be supported in this area include the creation of interoperable research databases and comprehensive biobanks, as well as enhanced information technology infrastructure and systems. For additional information, please contact the JGH Foundation at 514 340-8251.


Educational Excellence and Professional Development

You may also consider investing in training and career development opportunities to help LDI researchers grow and evolve. The LDI organizes various seminars and conferences each year to support the continuing education and professional development of its researchers, associate researchers and research staff, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students which enables the sharing of expertise and knowledge transfer that are key to achieving excellence in research, teaching and patient care. Events include: the LDI-McGill Innovation Centre Distinguished Lectures in Human Genetics (6 per year), the Segal and Goodman Cancer Centres Distinguished Lectures in Human Genetics (5 per year), the LDI Distinguished Lectures Series (8-10 per year), the annual Segal Cancer Centre Retreat and the annual LDI Scientific Retreat.

Naming opportunities are also available. For additional information, please contact the JGH Foundation at 514 340-8251.