Director's message

A great hospital needs to incubate great research...

It is in the DNA of medical science to be fast-paced, ever-evolving, and to constantly challenge clinicians to deliver the gold standards of treatment to patients.

Excellent research, both basic lab-based and clinical, is underway at the Lady Davis Institute, helping to make the Jewish General a great hospital. Our internationally recognized achievements have advanced our understanding of cancer, vascular disease, HIV/AIDS, conditions associated with ageing, the psychosocial aspects of disease, and epidemiology. Discoveries from our lab benches have made their way to the bedside, and what we have learned at the bedside has made its way back to the lab bench to refine and improve our ability to care for patients.

“We measure our achievements in terms of delivering new medicines and better care that allow patients to live longer and with better quality of life. However, there is financial cost to each achievement.”

As we gain a clearer understanding of the genetic, cellular, and molecular bases of disease, we foresee new pathways leading to more effective therapies. Our efforts, for example, to develop personalized cancer treatments stem from these advances. We realize that targeting biological processes should be the most effective means of controlling the disease, while preserving the highest quality of life possible. Similarly, the prospect of developing a drug that can inactivate a protein that contributes to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease offers hope that the disorder can be controlled, if not reversed. In AIDS research, years of progress in transforming HIV from a fatal to a chronic illness allows us to imagine finding a cure.

In the Research section of the website, you will read of some of the research currently underway at the Lady Davis Institute. You will read stories for which we cannot yet tell the ending. Such is the nature of research. It is a continuous process of achieving milestones, reaching boundaries, and then pushing further.

The hard reality of research is that we must constantly pursue funding. Government agencies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, private foundations, and individual donors all play an important role in our work. We measure our achievements in terms of delivering new medicines and better care that allow patients to live longer and with better quality. However, there is a financial cost to each achievement.

We have benefited greatly from the generosity of donors, and continue to rely on your support in order that we may reach, and surpass, the next milestone. 

Dr. Roderick McInnes
Director, Lady Davis Institute