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Demystifying Research

The medical research process More

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Medical Research Initiative

A healthty future for all generations More

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Aging Research Axis

ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE: Stemming the tide of an ep... More

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Cancer Research Axis

Bringing treatment from the lab to the clinic More

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Epidemiology Research Axis

DRUG SAFETY: Ensuring the safety and effectiven... More

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Hemovascular Research Axis

HEART DISEASE: Battling the world's leading cau... More

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HIV/AIDS Research Axis

The vital quest for a cure More

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Psychosocial Research Axis

DEPRESSION: The quest for better diagnosis and ... More

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Stem cells

Stem Cell Research

Unlocking the potential of regenerative medicine More

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Research lab

Supporting Research at the LDI

Discover the many ways you can support the LDI ... More

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It has been proven that the best patient care is provided by institutions that have a firm commitment to research. Indeed, it is only through extensive clinical investigation and laboratory research that scientists can discover the cause of any given disease and find more effective treatments for the most devastating illnesses affecting us today. Supporting enhanced research at the Lady Davis Institute of the Jewish General Hospital with the goal of translating discoveries made at the laboratory bench into new treatments as quickly as possible will provide our physicians with the tools and the knowledge to better serve our patients.