Your Dollars at Work

You have the Power to Heal!

The JGH Foundation is engaged in its most ambitious Capital Campaign to date, a campaign with a goal of $250 million. Spearheaded by an all-star dream team of Montreal leaders, this bold initiative will provide the medical, surgical, nursing and allied health professionals of the Jewish General Hospital with facilities, equipment, personnel and research funding—the indispensable ingredients for continued excellence in patient care, research and teaching.

Our Capital Campaign theme,
You have the Power to Heal,
expresses the very essence and core of what
the JGH and its supporters are all about.

It sums up in a few words our common goal of
achieving better health and better health care
for the people of Montreal and Quebec,
now and in the future.

It represents the fact that each of us is a stakeholder
and plays an important role when it comes to
ensuring the continued health and well-being
of those we love and, indeed, the entire community.

It stands for the power that each one of us has
to make a difference and what can be accomplished
when our hospital's leaders, medical staff and generous donors
come together for a common purpose.

Click one of the links below to view a few examples of how every dollar donated to the " Power to Heal" campaign is making a difference.

2016-2017 Achievements

2015-2016 Achievements

2014-2015 Achievements

2013-2014 Achievements

2012-2013 Achievements

2010-2012 Achievements

These achievements are wonderful examples of how the JGH Foundation can partner with committed donors to build on government funding to improve access and provide the best care for all Quebecers. Thousands of patients and their loved ones have already benefited from these major advances, and many more stand to benefit as the Foundation continues to empower JGH staff to excel.

However, maintaining the highest quality of care and meeting the healthcare needs of the population are becoming more and more challenging in the wake of severe budget cuts and the heavy demand for enhanced treatment, care and accessibility stemming from the rising prevalence of chronic and age-related diseases. These, combined with a serious decline in the budgets and allocations of granting agencies for medical research, are adding to the critical importance of our Foundation's efforts.

With the renewed support of our community of donors and volunteers, our Capital Campaign will continue to gain momentum and fuel many more advances that will result in enhanced healthcare outcomes for all patients. Our current Vital Initiatives are part of our plan to build the hospital of the future with the very best people, equipment, facilities and programs to meet the changing and ever-increasing healthcare needs of Quebecers and overcome the challenges facing our healthcare system as a whole.

You have the power to make a difference.

You have the power to ensure that
the JGH and its staff
have the facilities, equipment and programs
they need to deliver excellence.

You have the power to help us
achieve better health and better healthcare for all,
now and in the future.

You have the power to heal!