2017 Fall Appeal


"Everything is possible with your help"


Dear Reader,

Josina_Inside.jpgOn behalf of my staff and, most of all, the many patients who depend on us, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind donations and generosity. If it wasn't for thoughtful donors like you, we simply would not be able to continue to provide our patients with the attention and quality of care they deserve .

Recently the two nursing units on the 7th floor of Pavilions C and D were combined into one unit and renovated to provide a more modern and functional environment. The new CD7 Medicine Nursing Unit now has a total of 42 beds – 10 more than before –, with the ability to go to 44 beds. Furthermore, all of the former 3- or 4-bed rooms were replaced with 28 private (1-bed) and 7 semi-private (2-bed) rooms, resulting in better infection control while at the same time enhancing the safety, privacy, dignity and comfort of patients. Four negative pressure rooms were also added, that can be used to isolate patients receiving treatment for highly contagious diseases.

The unit welcomes a wide variety of patients referred by the Emergency Department, Internal Medicine as well as CHSLD homes (long term care). These patients suffer from various conditions, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma, mental health issues, and complications from chronic diseases, that are not serious enough to warrant admission but must be closely monitored and treated. Fully 75% of our patients are over 75 years old with complex medical needs. Many are highly vulnerable people with social problems and no support at home who have nowhere else to go.

The unit plays a crucial role by helping to free up needed beds in the Emergency Department (ED) for more acutely ill patients.

When I was told about the planned renovation and expansion, I saw an opportunity to update our facilities and acquire basic yet essential equipment that would help my staff care for the additional number of patients admitted in the unit on a daily basis. It was vital to reduce the stress on the staff and keep their morale high. But, having little budget for this equipment, I was struggling to find funding. The Foundation's involvement was monumental. It would not have been possible to transition into this new larger and more modern unit had we not received help from generous donors like you.


Fridge.jpg For example, we were able to update our pharmacy rooms to meet Accreditation Canada standards with state-of-the-art medication distribution machines and separate refrigerators for medications and food. We purchased a bariatric commode and wheelchair (for very heavy patients) to provide comfort for those patients who do not fit the standard. We also acquired a second patient lift, freeing the staff from the need to run after equipment and waste precious time that could and should be spent with patients instead.

Other basic equipment acquired thanks to your continued support include portable hampers for the isolation gowns in the unit, two racks for food trays, a second high tech printer, a second blood sampling cart, and an extra medication cart. These pieces of equipment don't seem like much and don't cost a lot, but they make a world of difference for our patients and staff. Indeed, all of these items have improved the work environment of our staff, enabling them to give the best quality of care possible to our patients day after day.

Your continued financial support is what allows us to acquire the equipment and technology that empower our staff to rise to the challenge and continue to provide the compassionate care that the JGH is renowned for. Please renew and extend your support for the JGH today. Thank you.

Yours very truly,

Josina Van Den Nieuwenhof
CD7 Head Nurse
Jewish General Hospital


P.S. I hope this letter has demonstrated that your donation, big or small, does make a difference in the lives of many. A blood taking cart costs around $500, but its benefits for patients and staff far exceed its monetary value. And that's what really counts. Please take a moment right now to make a donation and give as generously as you can in support of the Jewish General Hospital.

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